A Vision Towards a New Renaissance
In order to face the societal challenges imposed by the globalisation and avoid economic and social decline in Europe and further environmental degradation it is essential to mobilise all talents in culture, science, technology, research and innovation in such a way that it leads Europe  to a new Renaissance. The Key Enabling Technologies can in this perspective play an important role linking the frontier research to the market.

Such a fascinating new vision of development requires changes in all sectors of the society, in particular in the way of thinking and acting. To move towards a quality and value intensive products and services industry needs the capacity of integrating, through a systemic approach, creativity, culture, knowledge and competitiveness.

A challenge which we can be faced only if we are able to join efforts in order to build up a competitive research-innovation system characterised by advanced infrastructures, young talents, a strong frontier research production and supported by a framework of favourable conditions stimulating the transformation of knowledge into high value products and services.

In such perspective research has a fundamental role to play providing the disruptive innovation to regenerate industries and  to create a generation of  new ones able to sustain a long-term development and provide high quality jobs and wealth. 

In a period of increasing unemployment, putting industry transformation, towards new knowledge driven paradigms, at core of European policies is an inescapable obligation and a way to exit from the running crisis situation.
This however requires the consciousness of a fracture with the past and the need of a new governance to coordinate public and private initiatives and combine and manage different measures, actions and financial instruments.

As five centuries ago, the central role of the human beings and the valorisation of their potentials become a key asset and priority goal of a new  socio-economic model. As was in the Renaissance, a new  culture in which the central role of human beings become a key asset is required.

LET'S 2014 High Level Steering Committee