Poster competition: the winner is ...


Three iPads have been offered by Legacoop Emilia-Romagna to the winners of the Poster Competition. Francesca Montalti representing Legacoop Emilia-Romagna at LET’S 2014 renewed their commitment to promote innovation and sustain the Key Enabling Technologies as a driver for re-launching the regional and European economy. Listen at her interview.

Three different categories of Prizes have been awarded from 3 different juries: 

Best scientific posters

Title: Factory technologies for humans safety – factothums
Author: Alessandro Pecora
Organisation: Imm - National Research Council Of Italy - Roma  

Jury: Scientific Committee composed of 6 people from CNR, ASTER and APRE

Best communicating poster

Title: A Web Tool for Standardization in Echocardiography
Author: Raffaele Conte
Organisation: National Research Council of Italy – Institute of Clinical  Phisiology - Pisa

Jury: Let's messengers (30 students from the University of Bologna) 

Best poster for LET’S 2014 Participants

Title: Newspec - The New Frontier In The Development,Manufacturing And Application Of Low Cost Carbon Fibres
Author: Isella Vicini
Organisation: Warrant Group

Jury: LET'S participants