SCM Group

Site Visit Program

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

8.30 am Departure from Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi (Bologna)
10.00 am Arrival in SCM (Rimini)
Welcome by management board
Company presentation and visit to productive plant
Questions and conclusions
12.15 pm Departure from SCM
1.45 pm Arrival in Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi (Bologna)
Scm Group Logo

SCM Group is an industrial group which is leader in the creation, production and distribution of technologically advanced solutions to process a vast range of materials (wood, glass, stone, plastic, metals and composite materials) with specialist brands for specific technologies and centres of excellence expert in industrial components, present on all 5 continents for 60 years.

Main R&D Labs inside the Rimini production plant are:
CSR - Consorzio Studi e Ricerche:
Develops studies and experimentation relating to vibration - acoustic optimisation, safety and operator-machine interaction, energy efficiency, dust reduction and fluid dynamics. Csr is a Highly Qualified Laboratory approved by MIUR - the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (Italy).

CRIF Research centre for the casting industry:
Supplies experimentation, research, certification and consulting services for the production of castings made of cast iron and other alloys. (italian) (italian)