Useful information

Visa information
European Citizens whose country is under the authority of the Schengen Treaty may enter Italy with nothing more than a valid identity card or passport.
Citizens from all other countries must show their passport on the border.

The official language of the country is Italian. Foreign languages – in particular English  – are widely spoken.

Since 2001, the currency used in Italy is the EURO (€).

Credit cards, banking
As well as in cash, purchases can be paid for using the most common credit cards. This payment system is common in Italian shops, which generally display the symbols of the credit cards they accept on the outside door. If you pay by credit card you will be asked to show an identity document. Travellers cheques (in USD or Euros) can also be cashed in Italian banks.

Bologna has a sub-continental climate: winters can be cold (the record lows recorded in the last twenty years are around −10 °C (14 °F), while summers are hot and muggy due to the high humidity in this area, and they can be long with long periods of drought.
Annual precipitation oscillates between around 450 mm (18 in) and 900 mm (35 in), with the majority generally falling in spring and autumn.

Local Time

The time zone is GMT +1h.

In Italy the electrical current is 220 volts AC (50 Hz). Electrical sockets comply with European regulations. In most hotels you will find adaptors for different types of plugs.

Telephone country code

To call an Italian telephone number from outside Italy, either from a landline or a mobile phone, you will need to add the international dialing code for Italy, which is 0039 (+39), followed by the telephone number you require.  The Bologna area code is 051.

Tourist tax
Like many other chief cities Bologna  has complied with the legislative decree 23/2011, introducing the tourist tax.
Those who will stay overnight in any accommodation facility and who are not resident in the city have to pay an extra small amount of money for the overnight stay.
The tax varies according to the following price ranges related to the room price per person per night. The rates currently in force are the following:

  • Price Range 1-30.99* €, rate 1.00 € per person per night
  • Price Range 31-70.99* €, rate 1.50 € per person per night
  • Price Range 71-120.99* €, rate 2.50 € per person per night
  • Price Range 121-200.99* €, rate 4.00 € per person per night
  • Price Range over 201* €, rate 4.00 € per person per night
  • Camping sites and hostels, rate 0.50 € per person per night

* exclusive of VAT and supplementary services

Children under 14 are tax-free.