Agribologna - Fresco Senso

Site Visit Program

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

8.30 am Departure from Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi (Bologna)
9.30 am Arrival in Agribologna-Fresco Senso (San Pietro in Casale)
12.30 am Departure from Agribologna-Fresco Senso
1.30 pm Arrival in Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi


Group mission

The Agribologna Group, through its well-structured commercial and management organisation, works to protect the earnings of its subsidiaries:

  • Increases the competitiveness of the associated agricultural societies, supports the agronomic, technologic, organisational and business innovation.
  • Sustaines the management of the commercial subsidiaries  strengthening their presence on the national markets, offering a widespread service also on the international market.
  • Developes the implementation of qualification instruments  of product and process in the areas, where the innovation is essential to strengthen the production chain.

The Group’s mission is to support the developement of a sustainable agriculture, safeguarding the enviroment and territory, in order to offer safe and  healty product.


Who is the Consorzio ?

  • The Consorzio Agribologna is a cooperative company with 135 farm associated, mostly located in Emilia-Romagna region and a small group in the center and the south of Italy.
  • Our associated have 2750 Ha of land, on the average of 20 Ha each. The production is centered on fruits and vegetables. Vegetable quote is about 81% of the production, fruit quote is 19%.
  • Agribologna serves the retail channel with an innovative 1.800 sq.m. platform, located in the logistic area of the group next to CAAB( the Agriculture and Food Center of Bologna).
  • Quality and low environmental impact for the Consorzio are an important issue.


The products of the Consorzio

  • Vegetables:
    The associated of the Consorzio ensure tons of fresh vegetables daily, just gathered and ready to be sold to the customers: in particular leafy vegetables such as endives, lettuces, chicories, chards, red radicchios and other products such as cabbages, courgettes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, asparagus: everything from our land, 100% natural and controlled.
  • Fruits:
    The fruit is in season and from our land: cherries, strawberries, pears, peches and nectarines, plums, apricots, persimmons, melons, watermelons. They are produced with competence and love that stand out the Agribologna members, real masters of high quality agriculture.



The group has the following certifications:

Agribologna :

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the activities of processing , preparation and packaging of fruit and vegetable products
  • REG . 834 /07 ( Biological Products ):for the activity of Packaging and Marketing of Fruit and Vegetables Products
  • GLOBALGAP - Chain of Custody (Chain of Custody ) for the Commercialization of Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines
  • IFS FOOD STANDARD for the Production and Packaging of Fresh Fruit Salads ( ready to eat )
  • REG . 834 /07 ( Biological Products ) for the task of processing , Packaging and Marketing of Fresh Fruit Cuts  (ready to eat)


  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the activities of Processing , Packaging and Marketing of Fruit and Vegetables Products
  • REG . 834 /07 ( Biological Products ) for the activity of Storage and Marketing of Fruit and Vegetables Products
  • IFS LOGISTIC for the task of storing, handling ( picking) and transport of fruit and vegetables , including dried fruit, fruit salads and salads ( Ready to eat) )


Who is Fresco Senso?

  • It is a young and dynamic brand that produces 4° range fruits with Consorzio Agribologna support.
  • Fresco Senso  is focused on quality and services for the client.
  • Continuos research and development of the product and processing aim to offer the best quality and price efficiency.
  • Fresco Senso offers the real taste of fresh fruit ready for consumption, easily packed and with no preservatives.
  • Prepared fruit promotes its consumption for healty and balanced lifestyle.