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Warrant Group currently represents a unique entity in the Italian market, which can offer integrated and specialised consulting services to  assist and support companies at all stages of business development: from offshoring and internationalisation to  technology transfer, soft financing, mergers & acquisitions, leverage and management buy-out operations, from training and organisation of the human capital to constant monitoring and updates on regulation, market, and law policies in various sectors.

The company is divided into seven Business Units:

Soft Finance, to assist businesses in obtaining soft financing to support research, development and innovation activities based on some of the most advanced regional and  national funding instruments;
European Funding Division (EFD): offers to accompany private and public bodies, on a national and international level, through the design, definition, presentation, and project management  of European projects. The wide range of services available includes: strategic consulting to analyze the positioning of the client company relative to EU objectives, inclusion in consortiums currently under definition, feasibility studies of project ideas, assistance in the preparation of the documentation required for submitting a proposal, and a service for accounting and certification of project costs.
Corporate Finance, to assist companies in managing relations with banks and in corporate rating analysis to identify the most critical variables where action can be taken to improve the company;
Internationalisation, to assist companies’ strategic evaluation and launching the development process in foreign markets such as India, thanks to the extensive network of partnerships and international relations offered by our subsidiary Agre Corporate Advisors Pvt. Ltd.;
Technology Transfer to build a link between the wealth of knowledge developed in universities and research centres and companies involved in the adoption of new technologies, in order to gain new market competitiveness; this business unit also provides Scouting & Solutions services  and, through the Marketing Technology department, support in defining and enhancing technological assets and in finding industrial partners to develop them.
Human Resources, to develop strategies that guarantee companies significant growth in internal skills and real improvement in performance.
Alongside the work of the business units, the Research Department keeps the client constantly informed of any updates on legislation relating to their development project.

In addition to the headquarters in Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia, the company also has six other branches:

In Italy: in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), Piossasco (Turin), in Rome’s E.U.R. district and in the Kilometro RossoScience and Technology Park (Bergamo)
At international level, the company operates through the European Funding Division, with an office in Brussels, and through subsidiary Agre Corporate Advisors Pvt. Ltd. with office in Mumbai (India).


  • ABI (Italian Banking Association)
  • ANDAF (Italian National Association of Chief Financial Officers)
  • APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research)
  • Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park
  • Major financial institutions
  • State and private research centres and universities.

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