Confartigianato Imprese Emilia -Romagna

Confindustria Emilia-Romagna

Confartigianato is an independent organization founded on the basis of free membership.

Confartigianato is present throughout the whole Country and in all sectors in which craftsmen enterprises and small enterprises work . 

Confartigianato provides companies with information, representation of public interests, relationships with negotiating partners and with the Institutions.

Confartigianato represents more than 700,000 craftsmen enterprises and entrepreneurs. 

Confartigianato supports the companies as partner along their life cycle through a system of integrated and customized services.

Confartigianato is partner with public and private institutions locally, in Italy and abroad. With these institutions Confartigianato pursues the boosting of enterprise culture, of markets, of research and innovation.

Confartigianato promotes and supports aggregation between enterprises that lead  to the new opportunities of development following the evolution of the markets