Continue to Grow

Confindustria Emilia-Romagna

CONTINUE TO GROW supports organizations in their roadmap for change, providing critical support services and products to boost the innovation effort.

Alliances are the essence of our business model. We use an extended network community of associates to deliver value added innovation solutions that combine creativity and analytic tools.

We stimulate an organizational culture that supports innovation: 

facilitating the participation of key stakeholders;

using the power of an “expert crowd” to gather qualified contributions;

promoting more intimacy and collaboration with key customers and partners;

encouraging knowledge sharing in a more fun and engaging way;

facilitating organizational alignment between challenges and innovation objectives; and

providing workouts with timelines and supplementary tools along all the stages. 


We do it by combining software applications with comprehensive services that encourage key users to contribute and become long-term supporters.

CONTINUE TO GROW software applications include Smart Crowd Strategy; Collaborative Intelligence and Idea Management, covering the core innovation management processes.

CONTINUE TO GROW services include not only the typical software training, but also innovation services, such as consulting, coaching and talent enhancement, education, assessment and audit.

These solutions can really boost the innovation effort on the customer’s path to growth and success. 


Customers can benefit by:

Implementing proven frameworks to manage and support the innovation processes

Reducing the time required to clearly define the innovation purpose

Accelerating product/service time to market

Reducing costs with expensive concept testing and prototyping

Our network of associates can also benefit from this approach. By integrating valuable know-how, new methods and tools into their own portfolios, our associates can upgrade their offer and expand into new markets and areas of business.

CONTINUE TO GROW – fostering innovation