CNA Emilia - Romagna



About us

CNA EMILIA ROMAGNA, the Confederation of Handicrafts and Small and Medium Enterprises, associates, safeguards and represents enterprises, handicrafts, consortia, cooperatives and partners, small and medium-sized firms as well as retired people.

It achieves its aims relating directly with Public Institution and with all social, economic and political partners. The main areas of competence concern: construction, energy, agribusiness, fashion, energy, creativity, tourism, engineering and ICT. 

CNA has a strong presence in Emilia Romagna, where it associates more than 70.000 businesses.



The structure involves a Centre for organizational and managerial innovation and technology transfer for Crafts and SMEs, CNA INNOVAZIONE, which promotes and supports innovation in SMEs and the handicraft sector by acting as an intermediary between the supply of research output and small enterprises demand.

CNA Innovazione is a member of “Rete dell’Alta Tecnologia” promoted by the Regional Government, Universities and Research Centres of Emilia Romagna. It is also a charter member of ESBN (European Small Business Network) and of European Network “Benchmarking for success”.

CNA Innovazione sets itself the target of qualifying and providing support to competitiveness of production systems, allowing SMEs to create innovation in their managerial methodologies and to increase internal skills.

Through its highly qualified research team, the centre is able to provide excellent skills and expertise in a number of areas: process and product innovation, innovation in decisional and management models, knowledge management, networks and supply chains management, introduction of ICT, process and product certification, technological brokering.


Our achievements 

CNA has created over the territory, supported by 10 Provincial Associations, a solid network of services concerning training, promotion, innovation, marketing, environmental, credit, financial, legal and contractual consultancy, specialized services for fiscal assistance, as well as many fundamental services, such as tax accounting, payrolls, income-tax returns. 

During the last decade, CNA has taken part in a large number of international innovative projects, in partnership with research institutes, universities, public administrations in representation and for the managerial growth of its shareholders. 


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