Golden Group

Golden Group was founded in 1996,  an idea formed with passion by its founder and president, Davide Malaguti.

Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs in their strategic choices concerning both the development and the optimization of their businesses, as well as to increase their competitiveness, to facilitate their expansion on the market and to achieve higher profits. 

Golden Group consists of three main divisions:

- Soft Finance

- Training and Selection

- Strategic Services


Soft finance

This division is specialized in offering full technical and administrative support finalized to obtain European, national, regional and provincial grants. We concretely help companies to obtain the required financial resources for past and future investments, by assisting them throughout the entire process ending with grants disbursement.

Golden Group shortens the gap between companies and public contribution, taking care of the entire process, from application to grant disbursements.

Our abilities and knowledge, together with our innovative approach make Golden Group a leader company among its competitors.

We operate strategic procedures to inform our clients immediately, about all the grant opportunities available, selected in accordance to both the financial and economical planning of the company.

Training and Selection

The HR division is dedicated and focused on the most important resources within the company: the People.

Golden group guides companies and entrepreneurs in each of the following steps:

- Supports companies in scouting for skills and talents: The right person for the right role, by using the most modern and advanced recruiting systems and staff selection procedures;

- Provides a valid analysis of the current situation, guiding companies to recognize each profession in terms of ability, efficiency, reliability, well-being and to identify the best actions to take in order to raise the overall standard of human resources and corporate profitability.

- Helps companies through specific programs and training modules that allow their staff to reach the highest levels of competencies, motivation, as well as productivity.

Strategic Services

Strategic Services Department's first goal is to create  surplus value for the client company, focusing on strategic decisions, from planning to management activities, utilizing a proactive and effective approach.

Through an appropriate processing of (the last) financial statements and the economic indicators of the company and the market, we offer a custom-made assessment of the economic condition and financial position for the client. 

Strategic Services Department also offers advice on Private Equity and Venture Capital operations, responding to the challenge of finding the appropriate financial partners for buy-outs, expansion or turnaround.

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