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For two and a half years the EC funded project NanOpinion undertook a multichannel activity on public engagement in nanotechnologies. The project used an innovative outreach approach, focusing on dialogue. It included surveys, social media, discussions, street labs, and events in public and semi-public spaces monitoring people‘s opinions on NT across Europe. It also collaborated with schools and teachers in 15 countries, and developed education materials which are offered among others as a lasting resource on the portal’s repository. With its huge network of 18 partners, the outreach numbers were rather impressive: 8 330 persons filled in the questionnaire, approximately 15.000 persons were engaged in activities in the streets, more than 20 live events, debates and workshops have taken place, 1556 students were engaged in school activities, media partners published 6 supplements, 161 Articles and blogs, and microsites and social media reached hundreds of thousands visits. Based on diverse results of all sources, the project distilled recommendations for policy-makers on future engagement with nanotechnologies.